our values are
a guiding light


Core Media values are crystal clear.
They’re drawn from our behaviour and serve as a simple mantra for the business of every day.
They’re summed up in the acronym ACT:
Action, Curiosity, Togetherness.


We do things. We believe that action — making things happen — is a key trait of any successful service company. We also believe there is no better time to make things happen than NOW.

Curiosity is the engine of change. Our culture not only values curiosity, it fosters it. We want to know what’s happening everywhere now. More than that, we aim to contribute to what everyone is talking about through inspiring ideas.

Just like the brands we work with, we’re part of a community. In macrocosm, that’s the world; living, breathing, changing. In microcosm, that’s our industry, our staff, our families and friends.


A great place to work

For the last 4 years Core Media has been voted one of the top workplaces in Ireland among companies employing 250+ people.

It’s this sense of mutual support and trust that makes Core Media a Great Place to Work; not just colloquially but officially. That positive environment is the result of a process of care and innovation that we’re constantly working to improve.

That process is spearheaded by our HR team. To find out more about joining the team, see the vacancies on Jobbio.



Core Media is only as good as the sum of its parts, so regardless of our area of focus, we all believe in the same goal, which is ‘to be the best that we can be for ourselves and for our clients’.

Without our people, we are nothing. That’s why we place such importance on trying to improve our working environment and practices each year.


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