Our size is what makes Core Media agile.
It gives us range and sway.
Reach as well as buying power.

How big is big?

We are the biggest customer to media owners in Ireland. With annual billings of €220 million, our scale means that we can secure the best prices for our clients. We make money go further.

129,417 outdoor units
Laid out side-by-side, the formats that we booked last year would cover a surface area of 327,000 square metres. That’s enough to cover the Aviva Stadium 46 times.

592 days of TV
Core Media booked a total of 2.1 million TV spots in 2016. If you ran all this airtime back-to-back, it would run for 592 days straight.

radio101,739 minutes of radio
We booked 187,500 spots on radio last year. This airtime delivered 12.9 billion adult impacts.

cinema41% share-of-voice in cinema
One in every three commercials seen on Irish screens in 2016 was booked by Core Media, delivering 77.8 million impacts.

Millions & billions…Millions & billions
From search and social expertise to app development and digital media planning, we like to make a big impression. This includes 13.8 million clicks in search activity, 226 million social interactions and 5.3 billion display ad views per year.

press18,995 print insertions
We booked an average of 365 print advertisements per week in 2016. Overall, we delivered 3.5 billion adult impacts through press alone.

irelandIf you live in Ireland, you probably see our clients’ ads a lot. On average they were seen 8,000 times per person in Ireland last year.

The 9 arms of Core Media

Our scale is vested in four media agencies: Mediaworks, Spark Foundry, Starcom and Zenith.



Complementing these four companies are the other five vital arms of Core Media: Core Knowledge, Engage Communications, Ignite, Livewire and Radical


Radical, our full-service digital agency allows us to quickly innovate and adapt; developing brand-new technological solutions for today’s business problems.

Ignite, Core’s research agency, gives us an up-to-the-minute profile of the consumer and their ever-changing attitudes to brands.

Our recruitment and education marketing division, Engage Communications, creates strategies based on unparalleled knowledge of this highly specialised field.

Livewire is our sponsorship agency. It understands how sponsorship can help achieve business objectives.

Beyond this, Core Knowledge is our communications learning centre which provides a wide range of training courses in all aspects of marketing communications.



   Award Winning   


In 2016, Core Media agencies built up an impressive win of 53 awards at various events such as the Media Awards, the Kinsale Sharks, the Digital Media Awards and the Social Media Awards.


Recent Highlights:

Agency Network of the Year – four years in a row (2013 – 2016)

Rising Star of the Year – four years in a row (2013 – 2016)

Social Media Agency of the Year (Radical) – four years in a row (2013 -2016)



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