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Core Media is Ireland’s largest marketing communications group


Now what’s so great
about ‘BIG’?

We know Everest isn’t a better mountain than the Sugarloaf, or that the tallest basketball centre isn’t better than the smallest rugby scrum-half. So why is the fact that Core Media is Ireland’s largest media communications group relevant to your brand? Good question. Occasionally size does matter.



Authored by economists Chris Johns and Jim Power and Alan Cox, CEO of Core Media, Marketing Multiplied is the first ever study that comprehensively reviews the influence of marketing communications on the growth of brands and national economies.


Core Culture

We’ve gone out of our way to create a work environment that promotes creativity, innovation and togetherness.

For the last 4 years Core Media has been voted one of the top workplaces in Ireland among companies employing 250+ people.


Network of the Year

We hauled in 53 awards across the Core Media group last year, including Agency Network of the Year, which we won for the fourth year in a row in 2016.

The communications landscape is changing fast, and it’s changing the way we do business too. If you work in marketing, advertising, the media, or use digital platforms you need to keep up to speed to be able to take advantage of the latest trends.

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